Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shea Butter for Healthy Beautiful Hair!

Shea Butter is an amazing treatment for healthy hair. It’s rich anti-oxidant and essential fatty acid composition make it an effective hair care product that will provide the following properties

1. Tame fly-away pieces by using it as a pomade

2. Moisturize by using it as a pre-shampoo conditioner

3. Protect hair from heat damage from curling irons and other appliances

4. Soften hair by applying as a leave-in moisturizer

5. Prevent breakage by applying to split ends

6. Stop dry, itchy scalp by applying directly to scalp skin

We all know about the virtues of Shea Butter for our skin. Now you can include a lil Shea Butter in your hair care routine for healthy beautiful hair!

Steph Hutchins,

Purely Shea - The Leader in Organic Shea Butter Skincare

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