Friday, July 18, 2008

Shea Butter Secret Tip #1


We are starting a new series here on the Shea Butter Blog called:

Shea Butter Secret Tips. Each Friday we wil provide a unique, unknown and secret tip to using shea butter.

Shea Butter provides intense moisturization leaving a long-lasting protective barrier because it is rich in:
Essential Fatty Acids

Do you have SUPER DRY SKIN? Then try the following Shea Butter Secret Tip:

  • Take a warm bath with melted shea butter mixed in.

  • Then after partially drying off, apply thick liberal layers of Shea Butter all over your skin.

  • Now promptly put on your pajamas and go to bed.

  • You will wake up with really soft, supple, and glowing skin with a velvety texture!

Have a Great Weekend!

Steph Hutchins

Purely Shea - The Leader in Organic Shea Butter Skincare

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