Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smoother, Firmer, Younger Skin

One of the oldest forms of healing dating back thousands of years is massage. When most people think of massage they think of going to the spa and having massages on their shoulder, back, legs, etc. Many people do not realize the benefits of a regular facial massage

Benefits of a Facial Massage
A facial massage using a rich revitilaizing moisturizer like Shea Butter instantly stimulates circulation while enhancing your skin color. Years of research have shown that facial massages do the following:

  • Decrease fine lines and skin sagging

  • Normalize the skin’s delicate moisture balance

  • Release impurities that could damage your complexion

  • Leave skin more radiant and younger-looking

With a Shea Butter Facial Massage, you can experience all the benefits of a traditional facial within the privacy of your home.

Shea Butter Facial Massage Directions:
1. Maximize the revitalizing benefits of your Shea Facial Massage by creating a quiet, serene environment.

2. Always start with a clean face. Smooth Shea Butter over your face and on your fingertips, using enough to allow your fingers to glide on your face. Apply more as needed throughout the massage.

3. While using light strokes and circular motions, work the shea butter in from the middle of your face outward.

4. Starting from your collarbone going towards your chin, stroke your neck gently in upward strokes to prevent crows neck.

5. Starting from the sides of your nose and going towards your forehead, gently massage the area around the eyes

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