Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Paraffin versus Shea Butter Spa Manicure

Do you want the ultimate moisturizing and mega relaxing spa manicure free of toxic chemicals such as paraffin? Paraffin hand treatments have become quite popular however many people are unaware of their potential toxicity. Candle makers are very aware and many of them have switched to soy candles instead.

Well according to the paraffin is a carcinogen, irritant and might also cause major organic system toxicity. But no need to fret-Warm Shea Butter can be used in the place of paraffin for a safe, effective and luxurious spa-manicure. Just follow these steps:

1. Cleanse hands with warm water and natural cleanser.

2. Lightly heat Shea Butter until it is a warm liquid and place the liquid in a bowl.

3. Slowly immerse the hands in the bowl of Shea Butter.

4. Hold fingers slightly apart so that the Shea Butter surrounds each finger.

5. Repeat once or twice with each hand.

6. Cover the hand with a protective plastic liner and then slip on and cover with mittens. This retains heat for a longer treatment.

7. Allow the Shea Butter to remain in place until the heat goes away.

8. Remove and plastic liner and mitten and massage the Shea Butter, working into cuticles and dry spots.

9. Wipe off remaining Shea Butter with a soft cloth.

And there you have it – Ultra soft and supple hands that look younger and smoother without toxic chemicals!

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