Friday, September 07, 2007

Chocolate Shea Butter Controversy

Did you know that fine rich European Chocolates are often made with Shea Butter?

In Europe and Asia, substituting cocoa butter with vegetable oils such as Shea Butter has been going on for the past 30 years. Now in the US, it's been less than a year since the debate started but chocolate manufacturers would like to do what their European and Asian counterparts have been doing for years.

Some chocolate companies say that's unthinkable however others are in favor of this saying that this will reduce the costs for both them and the consumer. Both the Chocolate and Grocery Manufacturers Associations are behind the proposed changes and insist there will be clear labeling.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration does not allow manufacturers to use Shea Butter in the United States a cocoa-butter substitute. For more information about this battle please visit the Chocolate Manufacturers Association (CMA) website which has served as the premier trade group for manufacturers and distributors of cocoa and chocolate products in the United States since 1923.

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