Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shea Butter Spa Facials - Part I

Why should you indulge in facials?

A Shea Butter Facial is a wonderful way to pamper yourself providing you with a great rejuvenating and relaxing experience that provides maximum restoration and nourishment for your skin. Whether you have them done at a spa or do-it-yourself at home, regular facials can produce noticeable positive changes in your skin appearance, texture and also your skin-tone.

What changes will you notice?
You will notice the following changes in your skin if you have regular Shea Butter facials:
- Balanced oil production
- Decreased fine lines and wrinkles
- Balanced pH
- Increased suppleness and smoothness
- Increased circulation of blood to the face for youthful glow
- Improves Cellular turnover of dead skin for radiant complexion

We will give you a few Shea Butter Facial Recipes to try in part II of this series. Stay tuned!

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