Monday, August 11, 2008

SHEA BUTTER Stops Sagging Skin!

Shea Butter Stops Sagging Skin

Using Shea Butter is a great way to prevent your skin from sagging by using this natural oil to keep it moisturized. Shea Butter can help prevent the formation of free radicals as well as keep the skin's connective tissues supple and strong. It can also help bring back a youthful appearance by dissolving dead cells on the skin's surfaces.

Shea Butter also acts as a lubricant that will protect the moisture barrier of the skin as well as attract more moisture to its surface. The use of Shea Butter has been shown to restore damaged skin make sure your favorite skin care products contain this powerful natural oil in its organic unrefined form.

Here are some other tips to prevent sagging skin:
-Decrease prolonged exposure to sunlight
-Eliminate cigarette smoke
-Taking fish oil for regular Omega-3 fats in diet
-Take good vitamin supplements with plenty of antioxidants
-Eat a healthy diet
-Exercise regularly

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