Monday, August 04, 2008

Shea Butter- Is It A Sustainable Resource?

Shea butter is a very sustainable resource because growing it puts no strain on natural or other resources. It is truly abundant and grows without any need of fertilizers, pesticides or even irrigation. The Karite Tree grows naturally throughout the savanahs, producing an abundance of fruit without human aid.

Pests are not a problem for the Shea Butter tree, because they don't grow in dense belts or plantations. They grow in a huge belt, well spread out. This means no pesticides are required by those reaping its benefits. They are well adapted to the savanna climate, and thus they don't require irrigation. Rainfall is sufficient. They have a tough outer covering which makes them resistant to the fires that commonly spread through dry African savannas.

Its is very interesting to know that efforts to grow Shea Butter trees throughout the world have always failed. They can not be cultivated and only grow naturally in the wild. So the next time you are choosing a skin care product that doesn't deplete's the earth resouces, think about unrefined organic shea butter.
Steph Hutchins,

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