Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shea Butter: How much shea butter is really in your skin care?

Shea Butter: How much shea butter is in your skin care products?

Everyone has heard of the term “less is more” but when it comes to Shea Butter in your skincare products, this is not the case. For healing purposes, it is always necessary to choose the product that contains the most shea butter.

Two different types of Shea Butter skin care exist:
1) Shea Butter Based Products
2) Pure Shea Butter Products

Shea Butter-Based Products
These particular products contain less than 5% of shea butter and usually contain the words “shea butter” simply for marketing purposes. These type of products may offer mild moisturizing properties at best, however, they will not provide healing for skin conditions such as stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, and tough dry skin.

Pure Shea Butter Products
This class of shea butter products contains 95-100% Pure Shea Butter. The products in the second category deliver greater moisturization and healing effects to the skin unlike the watered-down shea butter-based products. This category also produces greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

So, buyer beware! Be sure to read the label of your products to ensure that you are receiving high-potent skin care. Just because the front of your skin care container reads the words “Shea Butter” on it, it does not mean Shea Butter is one of the main ingredients. Be sure to use 100% Pure Shea Butter Products for your skin care needs.

Steph Hutchins,

Purely Shea - The Leader in Organic Shea Butter Skin Care

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