Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vitamins A & E in Shea Butter

Unrefined Certified Organic Shea Butter contains an abundant of vital nutrients including Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It is interesting to note that refined shea butter is lacking in both of these nutrients

This vitamin is very necessary for healthy skin. A serious lack or excessive intake can cause dry, rough skin, among other problems. Synthetic vitamin A-like compounds called retinoids, such as treatments, applied directly to the skin have been used to treat acne and skin wrinkling and mottled pigmentation caused by chronic sun exposure.

Unrefined Certified Organic Shea Butter is an all-natural Vitamin A cream. Vitamin A is important for improving a number of skins conditions, including dermatitis, blemishes, wrinkles and and eczema. It is also promotes epidermis cell development and fibroblast activity.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which helps to prevent free radical damage. Based on the observation that skin damage caused by the sun and other environmental agents are induced by free radicals, there is the possibility that vitamin E may be effective in preventing skin damage. It is being used in more and more skin preparations as a way to fend off this damage.

According to the American Shea Butter Institute, the vitamin E in Unrefined Shea Butter helps the skin (1) by increasing the micro-circulation to the skin, which results in increased blood supply to and from the skin; (2) serving as an anti-free radical agent, thereby aiding in preventing the deleterious effects of sun and environmental exposure.

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