Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shea Butter Massage

A relaxing massage is truly one of life’s healing pleasures. There are dozens of massage techniques as well as a variety of products to use such as:

Most massage oils are light oils such as apricot kernel, canola, soy or safflower. They provide low-friction slip and are highly absorbed allowing them to be excellent with a deeper massage technique. These oils serve as nice moisturizers but each have a very low healing fraction.

Lotions are usually easier to handle than liquids because they will not drip and roll out of your hands. Most lotions and creams are composed of 50-90% water and therefore have a very small healing fraction and serve as just minimum short-term moisturizers.

There are a HUGE variety of butters available such as Aloe Butter, Avocado Butter, Cupuaco Butter, Muru Muru Butter, Kokum Butter, Hemp Butter and of course our favorite, Unrefined Certified Organic Shea Butter.

We feel that a massage using Butters is superior to Oils and Lotions because they provide great slip, are not messy and drippy, and because they are superior moisturizers with a very high healing fraction.

Enjoy the following tips for giving a great massage:
1. Warm the massage product before starting
2. Dim the lights, turn off the tv and phone
3. Play soft soothing background music
4. Add pure organic essential oils to the product
5. Warm your hands before starting
6. Use Purely Shea Shea Butter!

Purely Shea

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