Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fair Trade and Your Skin Care Products - PART II

Welcome back to PART II of Fair Trade and Your Skin Care Products! October is Fair Trade Month and to commemorate it we are offering 20% off all Purely Shea products. Just type in the discount code saveonshea at check out.

Consumers should check their products and try to buy products from companies who pay fair prices for the production and work that goes into gathering and preparing the product. How would you feel to know that your favorite Shea Butter product was brought to you by the sweat and grueling work of a family in another country? Most of them are. In fact, how would you feel to know that the same family gets paid little to nothing for their work, but they have to continue working because their very lives depend on that little bit of money? You would probably feel pretty bad. It can make you really think when you are rubbing on a premium lotion or shampoo.

That's why some Shea Butter companies in the US specifically work with groups that gather the ingredients, or make the products. They realize that it's important to pay a fair amount so that these farmers and workers get paid fairly for what they do. It reduces poverty, and allows those families to have more than just the basic survival needs. Fair Trade also allows communities to grow and flourish, the promotion of democratic organizations, fair labor conditions, direct trade opportunities, and environmental sustainability. Purchase your Shea Butter from a company that ensures that their producers are getting paid fairly, and check your labels on other products for the Fair Trade Certified seal. For more information about Shea Butter please visit Purely Shea.

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