Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fair Trade and Your Skin Care Products - Part I

Did you know that October is FAIR TRADE MONTH?
If you've never heard of Fair Trade, what it does is allow farmers and workers around the world to be paid better for their work. Many of the products you use are produced by farmers and other workers who work from sun up until sun down to produce the products, or the things that are in many products. They are often in poverty, and are unable to have even the basic necessities, although they work so hard.

Fair Trade is helping those farmers and workers earn more money. They are able to get out of poverty and earn a decent living for themselves and their families. There are now 'Fair Trade' products. You will see a Fair Trade seal on products that are produced by workers and farmers who are being paid better earnings for their labor. Currently, in the United States, there is only one third party certifier of Fair Trade products, and that is Transfair USA. They certify products like coffee, tea, herbs, sugar, fresh fruit, and rice.

Shea Butter comes from workers who also work very hard to produce it. While some companies take advantage of the low prices for such hard work, some companies like Purely Shea work with several women's cooperative groups. These groups provide excellent quality unrefined Shea Butter for the company at competitive and fair prices. Unfortunately, Transfair USA doesn't certify Shea Butter as of yet, but there have been many, many requests that they start.

Check back next time for PART II of Fair Trade and Your Skin Care Products.
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