Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shea Butter History Lesson

Just thought it would be good time to go over a brief history of Shea Butter. Enjoy!

There are mentions of Shea Butter dating as far back as Cleopatra in historical documents that mention caravans bearing clay jars of valuable Shea Butter being used for cosmetic use. Shea trees were also used to make the funeral beds of royalty.

A 14th century historian and ambassador by the name of Ibn Batouta was entrusted by the Morocco sultan with a diplomatic mission at the court of Mali traveled throughout west Africa and in 1348 reported the about many uses of Shea Butter.

Scot Mungo Park introduced Shea Butter to Europe and was the first to describe the botanical characteristics of the Shea tree, and the various applications of the “butter” derived from it.
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