Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shea Butter Sandal Time

Summer will be here before we all know it! And we know that Summertime means wearing shorts, breezy sundresses, fun tank tops and SANDALS.

So many people (both and men and women), however, refuse to where sandals even the hottest weather because thet are not confident about the appearance of their feet. Hiding our feet all winter long has left them in need of much pampering and TLC.

As always, it is Shea Butter to the rescue. Shea Butter can provide the ultimate moisturization to your winter worn tootsies. Try applying the Shea Butter right after your morning shower while feet are still moist. You will instantly notice smooth and softer feet. With continued use, your toes, ankles, and heels will glow with the wonderful warmth of summer.


Purely Shea

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