Monday, March 05, 2007

The Globalization of Shea Butter

We just read a very interesting article about the globalization of shea butter published by the UCLA Globalization Research Center-Africa (GRCA). " The overall aim of the Center is to engage in research on ways global forces impact upon African societies; the ways in which African societies have an impact upon the globalization process; and the comparative, cross national and cross cultural comparison of global processes as they relate to Africa."

It was great to read how shea butter is no longer just a local staple but "In Europe, North America, and Japan, shea butter is now prized for its superb healing and moisturizing properties. It is an important ingredient in creams, sunscreens, conditioners, and in the treatment of burns and muscle pains. Commercial interest in shea also centers on its use as a substitute for cocoa butter in the chocolate industry."

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