Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Surprising Uses for Shea Butter

We have the most creative customers here at Purely Shea who often tell us about some surprising and unusual uses for Shea Butter. Here are the top 5 out of the ordinary uses for Shea Butter:

1. Applying Shea Butter to condition and provide an illustrious coat of fur for cats and dogs .

2. Using Shea Butter as a personal lubricant to enhance intimacy .

3. Melting the Shea Butter and applying it to the hair as a deep conditioning hot oil treatment.

4. Adding Shea Butter to a hot bath for a long moisturizing soak.

5. Putting Shea Butter on baby to prevent and heal diaper rash.

On another note, we are happy to announce that Purely Shea is featured on the uber chic website: IndieShopping.com where you will find all the news on current fashion and beauty trends from independent and emerging designers. They say that Purely Shea “…is a must-have to combat the effects of cold weather on your skin and keep it healthy-looking all season long.”

Click on this link to check it out: http://www.indieshopping.com/winter_spotlight.php?dept=4

Purely Shea

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