Monday, December 11, 2006

The Making Of Shea Butter Part 2-Hexane Extracted Shea Butter

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These two images are what you would find in the official Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) under Hexane. It’s scary to realize your skincare and cosmetics are made with such substances.

Shea Butter is often extracted using hexane which is a dangerous petro-chemical. The shea kernels are placed into hexane which removes the shea butter from the kernel itself. Traces of the solvent remain in the Shea Butter, even after purification.

This form of extraction produces a larger yield than the traditional processing of shea butter, which is why most commercially available shea butter’s are produced this way.

This is potentially very dangerous to who anyone who may use hexane-extracted shea butter, because according to the MSDS, Hexane may cause the following:
  • Impaired Fertility
  • Harmful by Inhalation
  • CNS Depression
  • Prolonged exposure may cause serious health damage.

    But you needn't fear. There are a few companies, Purely Shea included, which do not use hexane-extracted shea butter. Be sure to question the source of your shea butter products if you are not sure.

    Purely Shea

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