Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shea Butter for Scalp Massage

Massage is one of the best ways to soothe away stress.

One type of massage therapy that can be applied is called scalp massage. Massaging the scalp can help stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin while calming muscle tension around the head. In fact, scalp massages have been incorporated into therapeutic practice for about 5,000 years as part of ayurveda, a holistic medicine. 
Using Purely Shea Shea Butter is great way to indulge in a therapeutic scalp massage while also providing deep moisturizing for anyone who has a dry scalp.
The great thing about scalp massage is that you can perform it on yourself. Simply grab some Purely Shea Shea Butter and use your  fingers to rub the base of the scalp beneath the hair, the sides of the head, the forehead, chin, hairline, neck, shoulders and spine for a relaxing scalp massage.
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