Monday, January 23, 2012

Shea Butter Retailer Spotlight: REAL FOODS MARKET

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I wanted to showcase a new retailer of Purely Shea products: REAL FOODS MARKET. We are truly happy and pleased to announce this new partnership here at Purely Shea. Real Foods Market Located in Orem, UT is dedicated to bringing its customers "real food that goes far beyond the popularized organic vs. non-organic distinction. Real food is nothing more or less than food created by Mother Nature and eaten in its natural, unadulterated, pure and nutrient rich state. In theory, if you cannot pick it, gather it, milk it, or hunt it – it is not real food."

To learn about the wonderful offerings at Real Foods Market, please visit their website at

Steph Hutchins,
Purely Shea

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