Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shea Butter Tree : The Tree of Life!

The Shea Butter tree also known as “The Tree of Life” has some absolutely amazing properties! They included the following:

-It grows very well on a wide range of soils, including highly degraded, arid, semi-arid and rocky soil.

-It has a thick waxy and deeply fissured bark that makes it fire resistant.

-The shea tree grows naturally in the wild in the dry Savannah belt of West Africa from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east, and onto the foothills of the Ethiopian highlands.

-It grows in 19 countries across the African continent

-According to legend among local people no one owns the shea tree, because it germinates and grows on its own.

-When it passes the germination stage in about three to five years, it becomes fire resistant.

-Once it survives the first five years of its early stages of germination and growth, it grows slowly and takes about 30 years to reach maturity and from here, it can live for up to three hundred years.

-In the absence of any hazards, including tree felling, it can bear fruit for two hundred years.

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